House Rules

Check In and Check Out


The property is available for guest check-in at 3:00 PM on the specified Date of Arrival. Check-out Time is at 10:00 AM on the specified Date of Departure. If Guest has not vacated the property by the Check-out Time, without approval from property manager, Guest will pay the daily rate divided by 10 for each additional hour after 10:00 am until Guest has vacated property. If you need an earlier check-in or check-out time, please contact us to see if it is possible.

Check Out Procedure

 Any security deposit will be refunded to you for taking care of this privately owned home. It is your responsibility to leave this property in neat and undamaged condition. The most common causes of additional charges deducted from security deposits are: trash left in and around the home, excessive laundry, misuse of the property, damage to the property and its furnishings or the need for excessive cleaning upon check-out. Please lock the entire home including sliding glass doors and windows before leaving and text us when you check out.

No Smoking


Guest agrees that there is to be no smoking in the unit, on any lanais, or on the property during occupancy. Guest will be responsible for any damage to the property caused by cigarettes and/or cigarette smoke.

Washer and Dryer


They are located in the laundry room. Please use with care. NEVER put sandy towels 

or shoes in the machines. This can result in damaging the machine. 

Please make sure to leave the washer door open after use. Also, the lint trap is cleaned after each dry cycle. 

Please do NOT sit on bedding or furniture with wet suits and do NOT place towels on the furniture – they stain and cause mildew!

House Keeping


This property is cleaned prior to Guest’s arrival. Fresh Linens and towels are placed in the apartment along with a starter supply of soaps and paper products. Additional supplies that may be needed shall be the responsibility of the Guest. 

Mid-Stay cleaning available upon request. Please let property manager Jeff & Chrissy Bertrand 858-354-7924 or 858-414-6309 know at check-in. 1 week prior notice required. 

Please use cutting boards and not kitchen counter when chopping food. 

Suntan oil is almost impossible to remove from carpets, upholstery and linen. Please exercise care. 

Mid-stay cleaning(s) may be required for extended rental periods at Guest’s expense. 

Trash & Recycle



Please take trash out when you check out. The dumpster is located across from the parking area.


Kauai landfill space is limited. Recycle facilities are located at Brennecke's Restaurant parking lot across from Poipu Beach Park. By law, cardboard cannot be disposed of in our trash bins and must be removed to Brennecke's or other recycling depot.


Shoes - Sand - Furniture



Please do NOT move any furniture around to avoid damaging floors or furniture. Also, please use caution when eating or drinking near any furniture, upholstery, or bedding. Please do not put any wet clothes, bathing suits on the furniture or balcony and/or lanais rails. Interior furniture is to be used ONLY INSIDE. Moving furniture is discouraged. When moving dining chairs, please be careful to avoid floor damage. Use lanai furniture on lanai only. 


It is a tradition in Hawaii to remove your shoes before entering a home. Kauai red dirt is very difficult to remove. We appreciate your attention. Kindly leave your shoes outside. Mahalo!


Please leave it outside! Please shake out all of your towels and sandy clothes. 

No Pets


Please do not bring any animals in the home regardless of how adorable they look. They can create a flea problem and professional de-fleaing starts at $90.00

Safety and Security

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When leaving the home unattended, or during the night, please close and lock all windows and doors. Be cautious with your personal belongings at all times. 

Energy Efficiency


PLEASE, Turn off A/C, TVs, Appliances and lights when you are away.  We appreciate your help in our quest to conserve energy. For safety reasons, do not leave the appliances on while away.



Parking: Please use space located behind the garage marked 10G, or park in garage

Guests: Can park in designated visitors parking stalls or along Kiahuna Plantation Dr outside of the complex.